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#1766: [Kakougan] Anal Conquest Techniques



Aria makes her dream come true by rimming a guy for a really long time. Delicious anus, you must lick it.

zippy | pomf | e-hentai

#1765: [Nozarashi (Satoru Nozarashi)] Geassca!! -Crazy C.C. Goes on a Rampage- (Code Geass)


scan0001Lelouch starts complaining about C.C.’s degenerate lifestyle,
so C.C. demonstrates what true degeneracy is. I wish Nozarashi wasn’t so softcore nowadays,
but it’s nice that we’re still getting these classic uploads.

uploadmirrors | zippyshare | e-hentai

#1764: [Kimio Tamako] If I can make my cute little brother cum with an aneros, I’ll train him into a pervert. (Girls forM 2012-05 Vol.01)


coverYou gotta love explicit titles, right? There’s actually more to it, with blackmail, mindbreak and some very nice hypnotism by the end. And, of course, glorious aneros milking. I wonder why so few doujins use milking tools. | Zippyshare | Pomf | Or read online at exhentai

#1763: [AFJ (Ashi_O)] Smell Footycure (Smile Precure)



The Smile Precure girls are on a mission to bring happiness and smiles to their classmates by raping them. They’re met with great success.

zippyshare | mega | mediafire

#1762: (C82) [Minori Kenkyuujo (Jikken Shirou)] Outo Switch (Original)


001A lovely story about a girl who has one of the most deviant fetishes imaginable,
and the man who uses all of his power to grant her every desire. If only all of us could be so blessed.

zippy | exhentai