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#1815: [Deep Valley] Stamen and Pistil and Fertilization Ch. 4


P133This chapter really makes me want to see more of the teacher’s escapades. It’s seems like he’s had a lot of fun over his lifetime, and I’m sure some of it would make for very sexy content. Does anyone know if K from the students page has been in any of Deep Valley’s other works? She looks/sounds pretty sexy, so I’d like to see her stuff if so.

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#1814: [GFF] Mesuniku Seitai Kikan Hassei Kiroku (Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter, Danball Senki)



I had originally planned this for Halloween but got delayed. To those who celebrate Happy Thanksgiving!

The summer’s flower is to the summer sweet,
It flourishes despite the summer’s heat.
But tell me truly, did you ever see
A sexual organ quite so grand as me?
-Bitch, Roald Dahl

So yeah, in this book we get chicks who get turned into dicks and ball-sacks, for science!
And I wonder how they got away without censoring the dicks. Because it looks alien-ish?

PS: I have no clue about either of the two parody titles.

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#1813: [Douganebuibui (Aburidashi Zakuro)] Zetsubou no Heisei ni Shoujo no Ai (Touhou Project)


000Yukio: I have no idea what to put for a description.
Anything hit you while you were reading it?

mrwayne: um not really no, other than
the sleeping part was fuckin sweet.

Yukio: aite, that’s good enough

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#1812: (C86) [Joy Division (JD)] engage (Ah! My Goddess)



Collab. with Chocolate Scans

After 48 volumes, Belldandy and Keiichi finally tie the knot, but I don’t think that’s the last we’ll see of Bell’s mischievous ways.

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#1811: [Metamor (Ryo)] Comfort Ship Akagi (Kantai Collection)


IMG_0001Akagi’s one of the few female shipgirls in the fleet,
and she’s happy to help fulfill all their needs.
But is she just a nice older girl, or is she…

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