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#1799: (C84) [Memeya (Meme50) Let’s gag! Cure Sunny Vomit Book (Smile Precure!)


Deepthroating always makes straight sex so much more exciting. I wish all straight sex books had more of it, and that there were more books with just deep throat. Meme50 decided to make it even more exciting though, and gave us the unholy combination of deep throat and vomit together. The creative ways he uses it here are pretty amazing (especially when he uses it for creative censorship), and give me hope for the future of doujins.

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#1798: [Naya] Rubber Bondage SM – The Female Furniture


RJ115230_img_mainIntroducing a brand new category: forniphilia! A very sexy and underused fetish that’s fortunately been seeing some more love in recent years.
If you can remember any old LWB releases with this theme, please comment so we can add them. And if you like this, you’ll love some of the things we’ve got lined next month…
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#1797: [Oouso] Olfactophilia (Girls for M. Vol. 06)


07A young lady who’s madly in love with her teacher tries every trick in the book
to make him hers forever, from giving him her sweaty socks to attempting to neuter him.
What man wouldn’t swoon after all that?

mega | zippy | e-hentai

#1796: (C86) [YA-ZY (Yunioshi)] Rin Mama Bon (Gundam Build Fighters)


TWXxqYWhIn collaboration with Funeral of Smiles.

Rinko offers more special service to her loyal customers. In this instance,
she also starts out with the plan to tease the boy that’s been bulling Sei.
That plan gets turned on its head when she discovers he’s quite virile.
However, he’s not the only one that came for the special service
and she’s overwhelmed by the onslaught of three boys.

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#1795: (C83) [Minori Kenkyuujo (Jikken Shirou)] Kichikubi Musume


c1Remember the guy who made that girl puke again and again, and she loved it?
Same theme, but with nipple twisting and crushing. You’ll love it.

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