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#1718: [Mayonnaise] Benkigai Ch. 4


More glorious breeding from Mayonnaise, both the final chapter of
Benkigai’s main story and the last untranslated chapter of the tankoubon.
I find the constant oppression of the breeding class somewhat irritating though.
Then again, I doubt breeding was the only purpose these policies were implemented for.
There are simpler ways, such as IVF which would allow for selective breeding,
and there aren’t rules in place to enforce cumming inside…

Ah well, Mayo will be Mayo. | mega | mirrorcreator| mediafire | exhentai

#1717: (C85) [COOL BRAIN (Kitani Sai)] VIRGIN SHIP HARUHARU (Arpeggio of Blue Steel)


IMG_0001-1Mega | | Zippyshare | Mirrorcreator | Or read online at exhentai

#1716: [Dogear (Inumimi Moeta)] Rainbow Green Apple (MLP)


001“No Regrets.” –Tiramisu
“clip clop, clippity-clop” –Altereggo (also AJ is best pony)
Check out Bronykakushi for more MLP doujins: he’s done most of the best ones out there.

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#1715: [Narusawa Sora] Show Me What’s Next


ss (2014-04-16 at 11.35.55)I-it’s not like I translated this for the readers or anything.
Little sister finds out her brother’s a masochist and gives him what he wants.
Not much more to it than that. | directmirror | multiupload | exhentai

#1714: [Harapeko Teishoku] Noriaki-kun and Haruka-san



TitleShota lives the dream of every boy with a hot young step-mother. They’re not blood related, so It’s Not Creepy. Translated by Almond, edited by Psyburn of Funeral of Smiles
Psyburn: Well, this one’s been a long time coming.  Noriaki’s an orphan that Haruka and her husband take in.  As the title would suggest, they get very close while the husband has a very unexpected reaction to everything.  While this story is netorare, I found it hard to not like the characters in this story but I’m sure someone won’t like this so what can you do.
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#1713: [Nakayohi Mogudan (Mogudan)] Ayanami Dai 5 Kai (Neon Genesis Evangelion)



Poor Hiroshi just can’t get a break and be with his beloved girlfriend Rei, who also loves him just as much.

So deep is her love that she has sex with another ex-boyfriend (which I’ve lost count of how many there are) to keep Hiroshi from the anguish and pain of finding out she’s a slut….

Now really…. she loves you so she’ll cheat on you for your “sake”….

So if she hated you, you’d think she’d keep her pants on by that logic…..

Heh, I guess it sucks being the boyfriend in a NTR manga, your girl will screw another guy regardless of reason! NTR FTW!




#1712: [Poppenhaim] The Velvet Prostitutes (Persona)


[Poppenhaim] Deriberu (Persona) [English] =LWB=

This is for you Marie & Elizabeth fans out there! Facials, intercourse, a rim-job, and even hats filled with cum! This doujinshi has it all! This is what would happen if the girls from Velvet were part of a prostitution ring, and I like it!